Abaran Foundation

Abaran is the first ISO 9001 certified jewellery house in Karnataka and over many decades has gained a reputation for impeccable design, superior quality and matchless customer service. Today, with two exclusive showrooms in prime locations in Bengaluru, Abaran is one of India’s premier jewellery houses and a household name that inspires trust and loyalty.

But with great success comes great responsibility. And the realization that a business, no matter how profitable, is meaningless unless it contributes in some significant way towards the community in which it thrives.

Over the years, Abaran has walked the talk when it comes to this outlook through The Abaran Foundation. A corporate social responsibility program that has partnered with non-profit organisations like The Akshaya Patra Foundation, WISH Foundation of India, and International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) among others to bring about positive change in the areas of Social Welfare, Education, Healthcare and Eradication of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

While these social initiatives remain important, Abaran has identified a critical yet highly overlooked need in the community. The issue of Women Empowerment. As a jewellery brand, Abaran finds itself at the crux of this issue. Because jewellery has always been an important part of human culture. Traditionally used to represent a symbol of prestige, wealth or power, it has, in modern times, come to have a more personal meaning. To a woman, jewellery is a means to boost her self-confidence and self-worth and express her personality. But there are large number of women for whom this kind of ‘empowerment’ is meaningless. Women who do not have the luxury of worrying about their appearance because their very survival is at stake. Women for whom real empowerment is about having the strength to stand up for themselves and sometimes for their children. Women who are looking not for admiration but for a safe environment. Women who are the victims of domestic abuse.

The Abaran Foundation’s vision and focus for the future is to be able to empower all women. Some through designs that boost confidence and some with support and aid in their hour of need. Abaran intends to support a non-profit organisation that is already working towards the cause of rescuing and rehabilitating domestic abuse victims.